Water and Energy Saving Tips During Summer

Conserving water and energy while using your swimming pool during summer is actually not difficult. Normally, pool use increases during summer because of the need to fight off the heat. Regardless of the duration of the pool season, these water saving tips can keep your energy and water bill lower than what it used to be.

Covering Your Pool

The best way to save energy and lower evaporation is to cover your pool. A pool cover will hold the heat down then the pool is not in use. Thus, there is no need to run the motor when the pool is covered.

While there still evaporation, it is very minimal when your pool is covered. As such the frequency of adding chemicals to maintain the pH balance of the water is lessened. The cover also keeps your pool clean.

Checking Your Pool for Leaks

If you pool has a leak, the need to refill it is a great waste of water. If that is the case, find the leak and have it repair quickly. A lower water level can harm your pump system and upset the pH balance. This will mean a higher energy and water costs.

Keep Time of Your Pump Motor

Your pump motor of your pool should have a timer that automatically turns it on during the day and shuts it down at night. A pump motor that works six hours a day only when the pool is in use will save energy. You can also turn it on manually when the pool is in use.

Also check your pool thermometer. During the hottest days of summer, you may not need your pool heater. Thus, turning it off will help you save energy. When cleaning the pool, use vacuum and scrub tile. To remove floating debris, use skimmer net.

Hot Tub Spas

When used daily, a hot tub can use up to 240 gallons of water in a week. On the average, a stand-alone tub can hold about 400 gallons. Most manufacturers recommend that you change water completely once every fix or six months of use. If your tub is clean and does not need refilling on the other hand, this means that the water that you will be removing will be put to waste.

Keep the tub clean. This is one of the simplest water saving tips for spa tubs.

Free-standing hot tubs have covers that trap the heat and keep the pool clean. Make sure that the tub covered at all times when not in use. Usually a hot tub is heated to 101 to 103 degrees Fahrenheit while a swimming pool is 80 to 83 degrees F. This means that a hot tub requires more energy to heat it even if the water volume is less than that of a swimming pool.

You can also cover spa tubs attached to you swimming pool when not in use. Many spa tubs have separate heating mechanism. Ensure that that heater is turned off until the tub is ready for use.

Always check the water level in a spa tub and keep it above the jets. Water is lost through splashing when the level does not cover the jets completely lasvegas.uptownjungle.com. Keep the number of people in the tub to the recommended capacity so that water does not overflow.

These water and energy saving tips are helpful all year round but most especially during the summer. Contact Atoz Leak Detection at the first sign of a water leak 619 roofing. We can pinpoint and repair a leak anywhere in your plumbing system, even in the underground pipes.


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