A Leak Detection Service Can Save You Time & Money

Pool leak can appear in many parts of your swimming pool or pool plumbing mechanism. Many pool leaks in the underground pipes are hard to discover and repair. Leaky drains and breaks on the side walls may likewise be hard to find. A pool leak detection specialists can find these issues and repair them instantly.

Annoying pool leaks will increase your water bill since you should keep on filling the pool or hot tub spa. You will likewise need more power to heat and pump the pool. Discovering pool leaks rapidly will spare you time and cash.

Leak Detection Work

Locating a pool leak is not similar to of detective stories and movies. It entails a leak detection professional equipped with high-tech ultrasonic device. Atoz Leak Detection has the necessary hardware that promptly finds the broken pipe to inside one-inch of the break. Thus repair can only be done over the leaking part of your plumbing system.

Swimming pools have an intricate plumbing system with suction pipes emanating from the bottom of the drain to the filter and pump system. A worn-out suction may cause a leak. For reasons of safety, suction drains are required to be partially covered which makes it hard to find the leak. Leak detection companies often use diving equipment to inspect drains for leaks and to make sure that they are in top working condition.

The skimmer assembly also has a plumbing line that suctions water. It connects the drain’s intake line leading to the filter. This connection is above ground. These lines can become clogged with debris that must be removed by the filtration system. Excess pressure can cause a break in the line, or it may simply become loose at the connection.

Plumbing lines return clean water to the pool. These underground lines can also crack. Dirt coming out of a return line is an indication of a break. The water will eventually flood the area around the pool if it is not repaired. The outlets for the return line can be along the side wall or at the bottom of the pool.

Vertical Wall Cracks

The side walls of a gunite pool may have small cracks in the plaster that will grow larger if the crack is not repaired. A swimming pool leak detection service will typically use red dye to find and repair the cracks classing boxing coach. Leak detection serviceman uses a special epoxy that can be applied in the water. The pool does not have to be drained.

Vinyl pools must be repaired immediately to prevent tears from ruining the lining. Many vinyl pools come with repair kits. The side walls and bottom of vinyl pools should be inspected frequently.

Test for Leaks

Use the bucket test to determine if you have a leak due to lower water levels. If you notice the water level dropping even when your pool or spa tub is covered, you may have a leak in the plumbing lines.


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