Are you looking for installation or repair of you water heater? Atoz Leak detection offers a fast and efficient water heater related services in Orange County. If your water heater is not heating water as it should be or if it is leaking call Atoz Leak Detection. Our water heater technicians are the best in the field and they can diagnnose and repair your water heater when you need us most.

Water Heater Services

Once you call us for service, our technicians will inspect your water heater and they will discuss the possible options you have for your water heating system. We repair or altogether replace a variety of brands of water heating equipment. We repair or replace home, office or commercial water heater whether it is:

Gas hot water heaters
Electric hot water heaters
Tankless water heaters
Commercial and residential water heater service

We have competent staff who stands ready to respond to your service call.

Do You Need Replacement or Repair?

As your water heater gets older, it sediments build up and affects its performance. When water is heated, sand or other debris from your well or the water mains, or it can be minerals, (calcium carbonate) settle and attach themselves to the bottom.

Also, they can form a sediment barrier that will accumulate on the burner and adversely affect your water heater’s performance. The best way to ensure that your water heater is safe? Call Atoz Leak detection for water heater inspection or water filtration!

water heater repair

Aside from the accumulation of sediment, you should inspect your water heater’s burner every now and then. A water heater in good working condition should have a blue flame with yellow tipes. If what you see is yellow-orange, its a sign of incomplete burning which could lead to not only poor water heater performance but also carbon monoxide production. Don’t put your family at risk – if your water heater isn’t burning properly, call Atoz Leak Detection for water heater repair right away!

Water Heater Replacement

Good hot water heaters will last up to eight to 12 years. Once they work for as long as this time, they become inefficient and become prone to malfunction. While some people would wait until their water heaters would eventually fail to operate, replacement upgrading your system before it dies has its own benefits. Water heaters consume a huge amount of electricity in your home, in many instance accounting for as much as 25 percent of your home’s energy use. As a water heater gets older and less efficient, its energy consumption jumps even higher, and the units get more and more costly to use.

It’s not advisable to wait until your hot water heater breaks down completely or becomes inefficient before you think of a replacement. There are many options that you can take that will not only make your home comfortable to live but also save you money.

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