Sewer Line Restoration

A to Z Leak Detections realizes that when major problems occur with water or sewer service lines, the last thing you need is the worry of restoring your landscaped yard after the problem has been corrected. That is why we offers low intrusion solutions to sewer line restoration, which also saves you money!

Sewer lines

Many aged sewer lines are of clay tile or bituminous fiber. The primary characteristic of clay tile pipe is the possibility for root intrusions and separations at the pipe joints which can occur every 2 ft. The pipe may also have root intrusions at the pipe joints which generally occur every 4 or 8 ft. Also,  pipe will collapse or will bubble inwards as the layers of the fiber pipe separate. We have the equipment needed to evaluate the condition of aged sewer lines to determine if they qualify for the sewer line restoration process. This process typically requires a small excavated access area to the sewer line to apply the process. This process is especially desirable when the sewer line goes under driveways, sidewalks, garages, storage buildings, retaining walls, landscaping, and when the sewer line is exceptionally deep.

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