Pinhole Leaks

Commercial Buildings

Almost 100% of high rise residential buildings have domestic hot (DHW) recirculation systems that circulate hot water 24/7/365 to deliver hot water on demand.

Due to the “Grand Canyon” erosion impact of moving water, 100% of all high-rise residential buildings will eventually develop pinhole leaks in their domestic hot water system.

Residential Homes

Pinhole leaks in copper hot and cold water pipes have been documented in all 50 states, According to a 2008 report funded by the American Water Works Association Research Foundation and the EPA. Nonuniform corrosion on the internal surface of the pipe produces pitting, which can lead to pinhole leaks. Copper pipe is a soft metal. In as little as 6 or 7 years only fractions of the original pipe wall thickness remain.

When a pinhole leak is patched, it places added pressure on other areas in the pipe. Within a short period of time, new pinhole leaks will form and other patches will be needed. Continually patching pinhole leaks is not only expensive, it is also disruptive to the owners and residents causing damage to the property. Whether it’s a residential home or high rise building pinhole leaks are a systemic problem. One leak is an indicator of potentially hundreds that are forming. Eventually pinholes will emerge elsewhere.

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