Maintaining government properties and buildings can a be challenging task. From intricate plumbing network to complex gas and sewage lines all these should work as they should.
At Atoz Leak Detection we offer top-notch municipal leak detection service that you can count on. Our highly-trained plumbers have thousands of hours of experience and high-tech equipment and they can handle everything from cracked pipes to nasty water leak. Regardless of the size of a government building we can handle any leak that you want us fixed.

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Complete Leak Inspection & Repairs

Atoz Leak Detection has over 50 years of experience government buildings and installations. When leaks are taken for granted, not only will it cause significant damage but it can also delay the delivery of basic services. Our expert technicians employ a sophisticated technology and innovative procedure to ensure that government buildings are in top condition.

Here’s how Atoz Leak Detection can help you:

• Reduce non-revenue water – We can help you decrease operating costs such as raw water treatment and pumping rates
• Avoid system contamination – With a complex plumbing system in a government building, it is essential not to siphon dirty ground water which would occur in main water line leaks. Atoz Leak Detection is here to prevent that from happening.
• Reduce liability – By detecting leaks in time and preventing it from doing extensive damage to streets, underground utilities, and more, we help reduce liability risk.

Government officials can trust that when Atoz Leak Detection is on the job, they will receive nothing short of excellent plumbing service. We are always prompt, prepared, and efficient. Furthermore, with non-invasive practices, we minimize the need for excavation and focus solely on reducing property damage.

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