Insurance companies usually call A to Z Leak Detection to help determine cause and duration leak.  Most insurance policies will shoulder the expenses of finding the leak, plus access and regress.  Pipe repair charges are the responsibility of the insured

To know what is covered and what is not by your insurance policy, we recommend you check with your provider.

Remember in the state of California you have the choice to use any contractor you choose.

The whole procedure is intended for you to receive what is required of your home to return to the condition before the leak without sacrificing the quality of work or the materials used.

Also, there are cases when your insurance company would expect you to look for your desired contractor and provide an estimate of the cost and handle the claim yourself. Clients and companies alike usually have busy lives and don’t usually have time to manage a building rehabilitation project.  Leak detection companies may also expect you to know what are required and what needs to be done to carry out the repair. In reality, leak detection and repair should be better left to professionals who understand the entire scope of the project at hand and the insurance claims attached to it.

Atoz Leak detection can eliminate the stress associated with insurance claims and the procedure that needs to be done and advice you accordingly. Call us at (949) 481-7013.


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