Our industrial leak detection technicians specialize in locating water leaks in industrial plants in Orange County. It has helped businesses save thousands of dollars by finding and repairing the leaks in their plumbing systems. Aside from the structural damage the leaks can cause to industrial properties, it can likewise increase water bills to ridiculous amounts.

Atoz Leak Detection provides a non-destructive technique in finding leaks, causing minimal disturbance to your industry as possible and preventing complete shutdowns. Our plumbers use the latest technology in leak detection available such as thermal imaging, acoustic profiling and tracer gas method to pinpoint leaks. Thus we are proud of our reputation as a leader in commercial leak detection in Orange County with the highest success rate in pinpointing leaks.

All our technicians are skilled specialists trained not only in the area of industrial leak detection and repair but also in the aspects of health and safety that comes in repairing leaky plumbing systems. Not only they are licensed, they also wear company uniform and drive a company truck or van. They assess risks and carry out every job with precision and efficiency.

Benefits of Our Industrial Leak Detection Service

• Non-Destructive Technique
• Business as usual without any disruption or shutdown.
• Excavation only done where the leak is found
• The leak can be found to 1 sq meter
• Prevent any further long term damage to the site
• Curtail your water bill

Delaying an industrial leak detection to find your leak will only let the problem escalate causing more damage to your business. Call Atoz Leak Detection now at (949) 481-7013.

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