Atoz Leak Detection’s Epoxy Relining Service

  • Temperature Rating: Our epoxy is rated for commercial hot application and is recommended for hot water re-circulation systems. Epoxy is rated as either domestic hot (140 F +/- 3 F) or commercial hot (180 F +/- 3F). Homes which have re-circulation systems can have water temperatures that exceed 140 F. Although epoxy which is rated domestic hot is standard in the industry, we use the higher standard epoxy rated for commercial hot to ensure that your water system can handle all temperatures.
  • Viscosity Rating: System Rikos epoxy is rated to leave a coat 20 millimeters in thickness in your pipes. Most other epoxy is rated for a maximum of 10 millimeters. Our epoxy is more viscous, takes slightly longer to apply and results in a more even coating throughout your plumbing system.
  • Cure Time: After 8 hours the epoxy is set to permit water flow and has near maximum physical characteristics.
  • Flow Rate: With Rikos technology, you will not detect any downgrade in the flow rate. In fact, you may experience an increase in flow rates based on the smoothness of the hardened epoxy, compared to the rough copper and galvanized surface.

Why use Epoxy for your pipes?

Epoxy Pipe Repair
Benefits of utilizing the Rikos Pipe Lining Technology;

  • Eliminates possibility of future pinholes leaks
  • Improves water quality by creating a barrier between metal pipes & drinking water
  • Restores adequate water pressure and volume
  • Avoids virtually all damage and destruction to walls, ceiling and floors
  • Minimizes impact on residents and tenants
  • Saves time and money

Epoxy Pipe Lining Process

Imagine fixing your leaky pipes and cleaning your entire water system with virtually no damage or destruction to your walls, ceiling and floors! Epoxy pipe lining is a non-destructive alternative to re-piping your home with copper pipes. Utilizing the Epoxy Pipe Lining Technology by System Rikos which has been used in Europe Canada and the United States for almost 15 years, we will restore your pipes right within the walls and concrete slab foundation in 4 easy steps:

Step 1: Preparation

We will place protective coverings over all affected floors, furniture and walls. We will drain all water from the pipe system. We will then remove all shut-off valve covers in the kitchen and bathrooms and install adapters that will connect outlets to the System Rikos air distribution system.

Step 2: Clean the Pipes

The System Rikos air distribution system will force hot air through the water system to dry the pipes. We will clean corroded and encrusted copper and galvanized pipes by applying air pressure and abrasive cleaning solution.

Step 3: Coat the Pipes with Epoxy

After cleaning, the inside of the pipes are coated with a thin layer of NSF/ANSI 61 standard approved epoxy.

Step 4: Testing

After the epoxy is applied, the adapters are removed and new shut-off valve covers are installed. We will then leave the pipes to dry overnight. The next day we will perform pressure tests and water flow tests to verify the integrity of the water distribution system. After we are sure your system is working properly, we will remove all equipment, materials and floor coverings, clean the site and ensure it is returned to its initial condition. Your home will then be issued with a certification that water lines have been reconditioned utilizing the System Rikos Pipe Lining Technology.

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